Gently Used Children's Books

ReBook Partnerships

Through the ReBook program, BookSpring enlists community-based organizations to distribute pre-sorted, age-leveled, quality-checked gently used books throughout the Central Texas area.
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Now Accepting Applications

BookSpring accepts applications on an ongoing basis for ReBook distribution partnerships. There is no cost for your organization to participate, however, we ask you to supply some basic information to us about how you will be sharing your books. The entire program is subject to availability, and distributions are not guaranteed.

For more information, contact

Building Capacity for Everyone

We also request that you help promote BookSpring throughout your organization, as well as on social media, and we will do the same for you. In addition, you might consider organizing a Book Drive, which will help keep the books flowing. By participating through both programs, you are gaining BookSpring’s expertise in sorting, leveling, and labeling donated books to help your staff get the right books to the right child, every time.

Celebrating our ReBook Partners

Thanks to everyone who has helped this year in distributing books through our ReBook program:

This list is updated periodically, and partners are accepted on an ongoing basis. If you are interested in finding out if your organization qualifies to receive books through BookSpring’s ReBook program please fill out our online application.

BookSpring has distributed tens of thousands of books all over Austin and surrounding areas. With your support, you will help ensure that every child in Austin will arrive at kindergarten with the skills they need to learn to read and succeed in school!