Programs & Services


BookSpring offers a Continuum of Literacy Programs designed to reach children from birth through age 12 by building an active and supportive Community of Readers.

Austin Reads Aloud

BookSpring encourages all adults to read aloud with children and engage them in meaningful discussion and activities which support their understanding of the world around them. Community service organizations and volunteers play a huge role in this activity, and everyone can participate.

Books for Me & Early Books for Me

Books for Me motivates children and families to read together through book ownership, motivational activities, and family involvement in children’s reading. Modeled on the much-loved Reading Is Fundamental program, Books for Me is implemented in preschools, childcare centers, elementary schools, high schools (with expectant and parenting teens), and through home-based parenting programs of other nonprofits.


The BookSpring Read-A-Thon encourages community service and sharing the joy of book ownership with children in our community. During the two week event, children and book lovers read and collect donations based on the amount of pages read. Proceeds support BookSpring’s early literacy programs in the Greater Austin area.


As part of an ongoing national effort to support pediatricians to promote early literacy, ReadWell promotes early literacy and school readiness in pediatric exam rooms by giving new books to children and advice to parents about the importance of reading aloud to support optimal child development. We also provide training and gently used books to participating sites in Central Texas.


The ReBook program both collects and places donated gently used children’s books into the hands of children in our community. Book drives may be held by anyone, and donated books received by BookSpring are carefully sorted and distributed to children in qualifying low income medical clinics, community outreach events, children’s shelters, faith based organizations, and libraries in economically disadvantaged areas, often with a supportive motivational activity and read aloud to engage young readers.

Parent Book Clubs and Trainings

Parent Book Clubs are six week literacy training programs that improve literacy skills of both parents and children. Through role modeling, BookSpring encourages parents to read in family settings with their children to enhance their ability to succeed in school.

Professional Development Programs

Professional Development Programs at BookSpring provide research-based, high energy trainings with current information relevant to the home and classroom.

Program Impact

We measure our activities in numbers and demographics of readers, books, sites, and hours spent directly and indirectly with children. We prove our impact through a variety of evaluation methods grounded in research-based models that focus on language skills and social emotional learning, as well as participant satisfaction. We engage elementary students and the librarians, teachers, healthcare professionals, and parents of all children in our service area through the inspiration of being lifelong readers.

Site Coordinators

If you are a school librarian, teacher, principal, pediatrician, medical professional, or childcare provider interested in promoting literacy with the children and families you reach, we need your help to coordinate our programs for delivery at your location.  Areas that we serve include Schools & Libraries, Clinics & Health, Early Childhood, and Community Service Partners.  Applications are generally taken on an annual cycle, and certain qualifications and restrictions apply.  Your involvement as a volunteer site coordinator is critical in developing a fully literate future together.  Please contact the appropriate area partner manager to see how to enroll for our partner services.