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Pediatric Literacy

Pediatric Literacy Kits

Pediatric Literacy Kits are now available! With over 20 years of expertise in providing program support to the healthcare community, this innovative new service will help better engage families in best developmental practices to improve a wide array of health outcomes.

“Second to immunizations, this is the most important thing I do as a pediatrician.Just what the doctor ordered  And it’s fun, too!” — Dr. Karen Haslund

It’s more than a box.  It’s a service.

National policies and studies demonstrate the importance of reading aloud together and book ownership for childhood brain development.  Evidence shows that it is effective and can even improve the climate of a clinic and your own satisfaction with your work.  So don’t miss this chance to support your patients’ health and well-being with this simple yet effective approach.

Be prepared for pediatric literacy with our kit!

Sample kit: subject to change.

The pediatric literacy starter kit contains 20 sets of books and materials to prescribe families with the task to “read a book together twice a day.” Included in your kit are guides, parent tip cards, and tools for you to encourage reading habits during routine exams.

These include high-quality, developmentally appropriate books for ages 0-5, provider guides, shelf labels, forms for program management, and prescription stickers to be signed with the child’s name.

We offer technical assistance by e-mail or phone from 9-5 M-F to troubleshoot or answer questions about best practices. Our service is complementary to other pediatric literacy intervention programs and can be integrated in many settings.

Video Testimonial from Dr. Clare Hebner

The need is chronic.

Imagine what your life would be like if you didn’t know how to read.

Across the United States literacy rates remain far below optimal levels particularly for those living in poverty. Conservative estimates show that at least 14 percent of adult Americans lack basic prose literacy skills (National Assessment of Adult Literacy, 2003), and this rate has not changed significantly over the past 15 years.  It is reported that approximately 27,000 of the 58,000 pediatricians in America are offering some kind of pediatric literacy intervention, but clearly there is more need and capacity to solve this problem.

More alarmingly, a recent academic scorecard reported that only 37 percent of 4th graders tested as “proficient” in reading (National Assessment of Educational Progress, 2017), and this was across all children tested, regardless of economic background. The rate was even lower for Black and Hispanic students, at 20 percent and 23 percent respectively, who were also two-thirds more likely to be living in poverty.

It is not an overstatement to assert that our health and welfare as a people and as a nation depends deeply upon closing this gap.

Books make a difference.

This research-based program is backed by 30 years of published peer-reviewed studies which indicate that pediatric literacy is an essential part of primary care which:

  • Supports literacy at critical points in brain development
  • Encourages return visits to achieve all immunizations
  • Improves parent/patient satisfaction with their care

Read more about Literacy Statistics and the research that guides our work, and download the ReadWell & Pediatric Literacy Kit pilot project report for more information.

See how your patients — and your practice — are doing.

Each kit also includes plenty of reading tips and survey cards to be handed out to parents with their child’s choice of a book. After the visit, adult caregivers are asked to complete a survey about their experience with an incentive gift. BookSpring gathers confidential, voluntary information regarding family reading practices and satisfaction of care to measure both program quality and to provide you with additional information about your patient’s experience.  When you register for our subscription service, we will provide you with access to aggregated real-time results so that you can check the impact of your efforts at any time.

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Our follow-up kits include everything you need to continue practicing pediatric literacy. Ongoing delivery service and technical support supplies you with books, prescription stickers, postcards, survey cards and more! Subscriptions ensure your patients most in need of developmental supports enjoy the benefits of pediatric literacy treatments.

Not sure? Try it out for just one month.

Select “one-time” to get a starter kit for just $99 including shipping.  The starter kit includes 20 books and many extras to help you get your program set up, while the ongoing customizable subscription includes books, stickers, and parent educational materials in the quantities and qualities you need for your particular practice.

Research shows that pediatric literacy programs are effective.  We want to make enacting pediatric literacy in your practice easy, fast, and fun.

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The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends promotion early literacy to families at well-child exams as part of standard practice. We can help you implement this important intervention for your patients and make it easy, fast, and fun.