Parent Engagement
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Parent Engagement

Parent Engagement is an important new effort designed both to engage a parent in their children’s learning; and to engage the family with formal and informal learning experiences in the community. BookSpring is now offering a series of professional development sessions as part of our Early Childhood Program to improve their parent engagement efforts through books, reading, and reading aloud activities.

Here are some helpful resources for Texas early childhood professionals regarding the new Parent Engagement strategies and how early literacy programs and activities can support these efforts. For more information on how BookSpring can help, contact Jill Gonzalez, Early Childhood Partner Manager & Director of Programs, jill.gonzalez @ or (512) 472-1791 x 104.

  1. Draft of High-Quality Prekindergarten Family Engagement Strategies (Texas Education Agency)
    Work in progress outlining the details of how to implement and assess a parent engagement strategy in early childhood programs.
  2. 84th Legislative Session Final Bill Report 2015-2016
    Complete Report
  3. HB 4 – only – text – Summary of House bill 4 only – including Family engagement portion
  4. Austin Public Library – Storytime Connection
    Babies are born learning. Learn how you can help nurture your child’s success! Explore activities and videos to learn more about how to make a BIG difference in your child’s life. Just a few simple, daily activities can stimulate learning every day.
  5. Talk Read Sing is a national program that promotes reading aloud in families.  They have a number of free resources available for download in English and Spanish.
  6. Start with The Arts a national program that uses drama, dance, visual art, and music activities to support early literacy skills at home.  This free handbook for parents and caregivers is available to download in both Spanish and English.  In addition, a full curriculum for Pre-K through Grade 3 is available for educators.
  7. NAEYC Family Engagement Principles – From the Early childhood arena – Six guiding principles for working with parents and families.