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Go: Building Early Literacy in the Community

If you are a representative of a community-based organization that works with families and children facing life challenges, you are eligible to apply to incorporate BookSpring’s early literacy programs for your clients and beneficiaries. We believe books build literacy and resilience in families and children, we’d like to work with you and your organization or agency to spread these benefits throughout our community. Please consider partnering with us on the following programs:

BookSpring Days

BookSpring encourages all adults to read aloud with children and engage them in meaningful discussion and activities which support their understanding of the world around them. Community service organizations and volunteers play a huge role in this activity, and everyone can participate. BookSpring Days allows groups to use our proven method of gifting quality and appropriate books with the power of choice and activities to improve empathy and reading ability in any setting where families gather.

Parent Book Clubs and Training of Trainers

Parent Book Clubs are hands-on literacy training programs for parents of toddlers (ages 3 & 4) that improve literacy skills of both parents and children. Through role modeling and guided practice, BookSpring encourages parents to read in family settings with their children to enhance their ability to succeed in school. We are now offering trainings and materials for sites to replicate this successful program, shown to improve both number of books in the home and frequency of reading aloud together as families. (PBC ToT Attendees: Order your parent book sets online now through this link.)


The ReBook program places donated gently used children’s books into the hands of children in our community.
BookSpring provides labeled, sorted and distributed books to organizations that work with children and families in qualifying disadvantaged areas. Medical clinics, community outreach events, children’s shelters, faith based organizations, are all welcome to apply for this free service.

For more information, contact Katie Mathews, Program Manager – Go at go @ bookspring.org or (512) 472-1791 x 101.