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Go: Building Early Literacy in the Community

A recent poll shows that in Central Texas, 52% of low-income families have less than 20 books in the home. There are an estimated 80,000 low-income children under the age of 12 in Central Texas.

We need the help of professionals who work with families to reach them. Professionals like you.

By working with community-based partners in Central Texas, we reach uunderserved populations with the lasting gift of books to own, as well as provide fun, motivational activities that help model positive family literacy practices with children.

Reaching Families through People They Trust

If you are a representative of a community-based organization that works with families and children facing life challenges, you are eligible to apply to incorporate these early literacy programs for your clients and beneficiaries. We believe books build literacy and resilience in families and children, we’d like to work with you and your organization or agency to spread these benefits throughout our community.

For more information, contact BookSpringGo Director Mariela Rodriguez at mariela.rodriguez @ bookspring.org or (512) 472-1791 x 102.

Go Programs

BookSpringGo Community Wishlist

BookSpring coordinates book-related events and matched the needs of our many community partners with volunteer groups and potential in-kind donations through out our area.  See our current wishlist which includes physical items as well as ongoing and upcoming opportunities to jump in and build relationships across neighborhoods and sectors to make a personal and lasting impact on the motivation to read books in children and families.   Check back often as this list is frequently updated:

BookSpring Days

BookSpring encourages all adults to read aloud with children and engage them in meaningful discussion and activities which support their understanding of the world around them. Community service organizations and volunteers play a huge role in this activity, and everyone can participate. BookSpring Days allows groups to use our proven method of gifting quality and appropriate books with the power of choice and motivational activities to inspire a lifelong love of reading in any setting where families gather.


The ReBook program places donated gently used children’s books into the hands of children in our community.
BookSpring provides labeled, sorted and distributed books to organizations that work with children and families in qualifying disadvantaged areas. Medical clinics, community outreach events, children’s shelters, faith based organizations, are all welcome to apply for this free service.


The BookSpring Read-A-Thon encourages community service and sharing the joy of book ownership with children in our community. During the two week event, children and book lovers read and collect donations based on the amount of pages read. Proceeds support BookSpring’s early literacy programs in the Greater Austin area.

Go Framework

  • Who do we reach? All families/people in our communities within a 100 mile radius of Austin
  • What do we do? Provide motivational reading experiences and improve, create, and/or expand reading spaces and access to books
  • Where does it happen? City-wide, in community centers, housing services, and partner nonprofits (mostly low-income serving)
  • When does it happen? In and out of school time (after-school, summer), one-time events with partners, and public events
  • Why does it work? Build awareness on the importance of reading and provide access to books, literacy materials, and positive adult interactions
  • How is it supported? Cooperative agreements, grants, donations (books and money), and volunteer time

All of our programs are made possible by volunteer support which individual community members and companies can apply for year-round. If you are interested in volunteering for the BookSpringGo program, visit our volunteer page.