20 Books for Every Child
20 books by 2020

Help Us Reach a Literacy Milestone

Parent BookClub Mom & ChildDid you know that having just 20 books in the home during early childhood contributes to three more years of education over those who don’t? BookSpring’s continuum of programs are designed to provide low income children with up to 20 books-to-own during their infancy and early childhood years.

We’re nearly halfway there through our average annual giving of books-for-ownership throughout Central Texas. Your financial gift of any amount will help children in the Greater Austin area better learn about and explore the world around them through an abundance of great books. We can do it, together.

Here’s how you can help close the early literacy gap:

  • $25 purchases eight books for a child who doesn’t have books in their home.
  • $50 provides a full “dose” of reading advice and books for four children in a healthcare clinic.
  • $100 supplies four parents with books and coaching in the development of their child’s early literacy skills.
  • $300 enables BookSpring to offer trainings for medical staff, elementary teachers, or childcare providers.
  • $500 reaches a full classroom of children to read by giving them free books and involving them in motivational activities with volunteers.
  • $1,000 helps build a lasting home library for up to 80 children.

Donate online, mail us a contribution at P.O. Box 143147 Austin Texas 78714, or call us at (512) 472-1791 x 102.

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