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Host a Children’s Book Drive

You can support our mission in a meaningful way by hosting a children’s book drive! Book drives are a fun and easy way to engage your family, friends, neighbors, or colleagues in a project that greatly benefits Texas children and families.

Recogida de libros en la empresa
Campaña de recogida de libros de Dell Round Rock

How to Organize a Book Drive

  1. Establece un objetivo: Reúne a tu escuela o empresa para lograr un objetivo significativo. Enseñe a sus alumnos o empleados sobre la filantropía y anímelos a compartir su amor por la lectura con los niños de zonas desfavorecidas.
  2. Elige tus fechas: Two to four weeks is the perfect time for your book drive. Let everyone know about it through email and social media.
  3. Preparados: Set up collection bins in a high-traffic area. Challenge each other to see who collects the most books! You can create internal competition among grade levels in a school or departments in a corporate office.
  4. Announce your drive:  Signage is everything! Hang posters and take photos of your collection bins or students, staff, or parents donating books. You can download, print, and share these customizable flyers:
  5. Corre la voz: Tag us on social media (@bookspringatx), and we will give you a shout-out! Please email us at communications@bookspring.org with photos and details to be featured in our newsletter or social media!
  6. Concluya: Contact us at give@bookspring.org to set up a delivery of the books! Don’t forget to announce to everyone how many books were collected and thank everyone for their participation. Please complete the donation form for your tax receipt and formal acknowledgment after your book drive. 

Donation Form

These are the types of books we can accept!

Sí, por favor

Los libros deben estar limpios, en buen estado, sin pegatinas y con menos de 20 años de antigüedad. 

      • Libros ilustrados bilingües o en español 
      • Libros de cartón...
      • Libros de ilustraciones
      • Libros de capítulos elementales
      • Ficción y no ficción para niños
      • Teen and adult fiction (published in the last ten years)
      • Limpio y sin marcas
      • Braille and less familiar languages

Debido a nuestra capacidad limitada, no podemos aceptar: Not acceptable for book donations

No, gracias 

      • Dirty, dusty, wet, chewed, ripped, bent, folded, highlighted, doodled, or mildewed books.
      • Adult books 
      • Teaching materials
      • Descartes de la biblioteca
      • Libros de texto y material curricular 
      • Diccionarios, enciclopedias, o ros libros de referencia  
      • Revistas
      • Used activity or coloring books
      • Libros a los que les faltan tapas o páginas
      • Y materiales que no sean libros, como DVD, CD, casetes de audio y cintas VHS 

Don’t have time to organize a book drive, or have books to donate that don’t fit our guidelines?
Consider donating to our friends at the Inside Book Project, Austin Public Library Recycled Reads Store, Austin Recycle & Reuse Drop Off...o... Goodwill.

NOTE:  You and your group have the option to volunteer following the book drive to see the full impact of your donation!

Click here to learn more about volunteering and sign up! 

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