Si ves una necesidad, toma la delantera

Por Haley Justiz

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always spent my summers volunteering. Throughout the years, I?d hop from organization to organization, until I finally found BookSpring: it was love at first, well, book donation!

A little something about me: I love to read. And that is quite the understatement, because no words can fully illustrate the depth of my love of literature. I live and breathe books. I attend at least two book festivals a year, I am constantly writing reviews and blogging, and have interviewed over ten authors within the past two years. I also don?t know what I would do if I didn?t have the funds to own a single book?or worse yet, couldn?t read at all.

That?s why I love to support BookSpring. Reading has become such a big part of my life ? honestly, the biggest and most beneficial ? I don?t want any children to miss out on such an important element of education and well-being.

Las estadísticas muestran que el no saber leer ni escribir hace que sea más difícil conseguir un trabajo bien pagado y estable que los que saben leer y escribir. Así que, en cierto modo, la lectura salva vidas: las vidas de los niños que están aprendiendo a leer, asegurando que tienen un futuro brillante por delante.

So, this summer I can honestly say that I was a superhero?and everyone else who has volunteered here can say that, too!

Si ves una necesidad, toma la delantera
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Si ves una necesidad, toma la delantera

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