El libro correcto para el niño correcto

Introducir a un niño a la lectura es uno de los eventos más gratificantes que cualquiera puede experimentar, y gente como Emma DeBoer, una ex empleada de BookSpring y ahora bibliotecaria, se esfuerza por estos momentos gratificantes.

La Sra. Emma DeBoer se sentó con BookSpring y reveló algunos de los momentos e ideas clave que experimenta un empleado o voluntario de Bookspring.

BookSpring: ¿Cómo has visto trabajar a BookSpring en la biblioteca de la escuela y en los niños que vienen a la biblioteca?

Emma: ?When I worked for BookSpring, I would go out to school libraries, and I also volunteered at McBee, which always had RIF days, and the kids were always so excited. I would go in on Thursdays, and they would always be excited to go to the library, but on RIF days they?d be all dressed up and were super cute and were so excited about it. You could always tell when it was RIF day.?

BookSpring: ¿Cuál es tu parte favorita de ver a un niño aprender a leer o aprender la alegría de leer por primera vez?

Emma: ?You just know that once they?ve found that, their life has been changed, right, because if they never enjoy reading from here on out, or if they never learn to read, or find that joy, there are so many doors that are now closed to them, because they haven?t opened it up. And my favorite part about being a librarian is finding that right book for that right child.?

BookSpring: ¿Hasta qué punto BookSpring y organizaciones como esta impactan a sus estudiantes/niños que vienen a la biblioteca? ¿Cómo se ve afectada su educación por programas como BookSpring?

Emma: ?It?s hugely impacted. In part because kids who we work with from BookSpring don?t own books at home, so the only books they own are their BookSpring books, and, not that the library isn?t great because it is, there is definitely something to be said for owning your own book, and that is a really powerful thing that BookSpring provides. And that is just as easy to change the life of a child as finding that perfect book.?

De acuerdo con un reciente estudio, Children growing up in homes with at least 20 books get 3 years more schooling than children from bookless homes, independent of their parents’ education, occupation, and class.

One of BookSpring?s main goals is to make sure that there are 20 libros en todos los hogares del centro de Texas para el 2020.

La Sra. Deboer subraya la importancia de leer a una edad temprana, especialmente de tener las herramientas para leer antes de poner un pie en la escuela primaria.

?I think that?s definitely attainable. I just feel like it just grows, seeing their parents read and having access to that is so important, because if you don?t have that, there?s no way to foster it until they go to school, and in some cases it is already too late, because reading is already going to be hard, and not going to be seen as something fun.?

Aunque la tecnología está avanzando y el campo STEM se está volviendo cada vez más exigente, Emma nos recuerda que la lectura sigue siendo un arte y no debe ser descuidada de ninguna manera.

?BookSpring is kind of in a niche area, especially in the current educational climate, because there?s so much emphasis on STEM, and math and science and technology, which is also wildly important, but you can?t really do science and math and technology without knowing how to read, so I really think that BookSpring is still making that extremely important. It needs to be a stepping stone before you can even do anything else.?

El libro correcto para el niño correcto
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El libro correcto para el niño correcto

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