Tejer para la alfabetización

Combinar nuestras pasiones de manera deliberada conduce a un máximo impacto en la comunidad! Helen Cordes es un buen ejemplo de esto.

Helen first connected with BookSpring last year when she graciously selected BookSpring as the recipient of sales from her spectacular book and hat packages. Each includes a children’s book and a one of a kind knitted or hand-sewn hat corresponding to the theme of the book.

The Minneapolis transplant first arrived in Austin in the early 90s. Her travels and experiences living in various places always drew her closer to books to find a sense of home.

“I’ve loved books and reading as long as I can remember, and spent hours on the Colorado wheat farm where I grew up ‘living’ in the pages of whatever book I was reading,” she recalled.

Her works of art embody Helen?s love for knitting and literacy. ?I love so many children’s books, and like BookSpring, want others to enjoy the benefits and fun of reading with children,? she remembered.

Helen recordó la risa generosa y las emociones abrumadoras evocadas por las historias compartidas con sus hijas Jesse y Zoe.

“When my husband Eric and I had daughters, I was so happy that they loved reading with me and later on their own,” she said. Some of Helen’s favorite books to share with her daughters included Pippi Longstocking, Anne of Green Gables and the Suess and Moomintroll books.

Helen’s favorite childhood book is  Charlotte’s Web. She recalled rereading it countless times because it was a wonderful story that made her feel akin to Fern. “Not many books then (or now) are about girls who live on farms,” she said.

Helen’s connection to books also led her to volunteer with our Ed y Vaya a programs. She became a classroom reader at Perez Elementary. She recalls the kids were wonderful, enthusiastic, and loved all the ReBooks provided for their classroom library.

“Reading and loving to read is invaluable. It’s a joy that allows you to imagine so many people, places, and experiences through the words. And it’s also a key skill that opens up opportunities in every area of life for kids and adults,” she said.

Helen es la editora de Chicas de la Luna Nueva, la revista impresa nacional y regional hecha por y para las chicas. Ha trabajado toda su vida como escritora y editora de revistas y periódicos regionales nacionales.

BookSpring está agradecido por los maravillosos y creativos donantes y voluntarios como Helen!

¿Quieres ser voluntario de BookSpring? Aprenda más aquí. 

Tejer para la alfabetización
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Tejer para la alfabetización

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