Uso del marketing digital para promover la lectura

por Emily Ball Cicchini, Directora Ejecutiva

Hace poco más de un año, BookSpring fue premiado con un Subvención de impacto de IBM para desarrollar una estrategia de marketing digital para nuestros programas y servicios. Organizado por BookSpring Champion Beth Tracy...Gerente de Ciudadanía Corporativa y Asuntos Corporativos de IBM, y liderado por consultores de IBM... Karen Kersting y Julian Kamilsiete interesados, entre ellos BookSpring... miembros del personal, miembros de la junta...y... Campeones spent a day together learning about strategies for increasing engagement in social media. The result of this was a fifty-page document summarizing the workshop and making recommendations for action to improve BookSpring?s digital promotion to build young readers.

Poner en marcha la estrategia de marketing digital

Desde entonces, BookSpring ha tomado muchas acciones para implementar este plan, incluyendo más fotografías en nuestra página web, mejorando nuestro programa de mensajes a través del nuevo Áreas Rx, Ed y Goy crear líderes de canal para cada plataforma de medios sociales. Tal vez el mejor resultado fue establecer una pauta para la publicación de los medios sociales en nuestras actividades diarias. Hemos adoptado la Regla 40-40-20: 20% of the content we create is about our fundraising or donation opportunities, 40% is about events that happen with our program partners, and 40% is original content offering our special expertise in children?s book curation and reading promotion.

This last recommendation provided our biggest social media success to date out of this workshop. And while what follows may be a little ?geeky talk? for some of our BookSpring community, we hope that by sharing our experience, other non-profits might benefit from what we learned from IBM about content marketing on our website.

El efecto Reddit

Poco después del taller, empezamos a crear posts de 400-800 palabras que cubrían noticias de última hora en la investigación de la lectura. Estos fueron identificados por nuestro personal y Campeones from other listservs and general news reports, as well as scholarly journals about education, reading, literacy, and social equity. We try to post one or two of these each month on our blog. There was one particular post that we posted in March about a ?Un nuevo y preocupante estudio sobre la lectura en voz alta.? It did well for us as a regular post that month. But in June, it got picked up by Reddit. We got nearly 80,000 page views that month from this referral, a huge spike in our traffic! We’re continuing to publish blog posts regularly in hopes that we can do this again.

Concienciar es igual a recaudar dólares y coleccionar libros

Still, we are a non-profit, and we must collect the dollars we need to fulfill our mission. One of the goals we had through this IBM Impact Grant was increasing our online giving. And while we can?t attribute any one action to this particular outcome, we can say that before the workshop, we were estimating that about 25% of our donations were coming from online giving. With the amazing success of our most recent Read-A-Thon, nearly two thirds of our individual giving is now coming from online sources. This far exceeds the 50% goal set forth with our consultants from IBM. This allows us to process donations more efficiently, and thereby put more funds and effort into our community-based programs. Gratefully, we have also seen increases in our overall contributions over the past year, particularly book drives and donations of gently used books, which we do directly attribute to specific posts and geographically targeted campaigns in social media.  For instance, our Facebook likes have continued to grow steadily.

Paper is for Children’s Books, Digital is for Messages

As a children?s literacy and family reading promotional organization, we sometimes find it difficult to express the place for technology in our lives. This experience shows that when it can be used as a tool to help promote close, focused, and face-to-face reading in families, we are happy to be a part of the digital revolution, and grateful to IBM for helping us find better ways to share our story through the Internet.

Uso del marketing digital para promover la lectura
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Uso del marketing digital para promover la lectura

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