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Blue Morpho Butterfly Gregory Phillips
Meet Bibi
A Big Blue Morpho Butterfly
from Latin America
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To encourage learning at home, BookSpring is offering this delightful and easy online reading program free of charge. Each week, we will feature a new at-home learning lesson for families with children ages 3-5 and 6-8 years old, in both Spanish and English. Bibi, the BookSpring Butterfly, will introduce the new theme with fun activities, vocabulary, and books that you can read together online…or even download to your own device and keep.

Scroll down to see each of our weekly themes.  The books and activities in themes in green are best for ages 3-5, and the ones in blue are best for 6-8 You can pick up at any time, and go back to any you might have missed.  Click on Bibi for a YouTube video that explains Weekly Themes for parents.

As you use these lessons together with your family, please share photos of your family reading and doing the activities at home on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram #BookSpring #ReadTogether.  This helps encourage other families to get together and read, too!

Reading together is an easy way for parents and caregivers to help children develop their literacy skills while creating lasting bonds.  We hope you enjoy these activities and come back every week!

Special thanks to our wonderful friends at StoryWeaver who make the sharing of these books possible. Produced by Mariela Rodriguez; Bibi Videos created by Emily Ball Cicchini; Educational content by Shannon Thorne; Additional Content and Voice by Katie Mathews; Book Curation and Translation by Lizet Martinez; Additional Translation by Lili Cantu; Web Development and Guitar by Dylan Harcrow. Additional credits can be viewed here.

Ebooks and activity plans are released for reuse under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.  Video content is subject to additional rights restrictions. You are free to use and share the ebooks for personal and educational purposes but should not sell or license this content for commercial purposes.  Please credit us as: “Weekly Themes by BookSpring.”


Help Support Weekly Themes

If you like these videos, books, and activities, please consider a donation.  While these materials are free to use, it takes hours and hours of staff and volunteer time to create them.  BookSpring relies on charitable donations to provide them to you at no cost.  Please consider making an online gift in an amount that is meaningful to you to help us continue to provide this resource to other families who are in financial need.  Thanks!

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