At home …

“As a young mother, I didn’t know how to help my children be interested in books and learning, and I didn’t realize that even though I don’t speak English, I could still be very involved in their education. Book Club gave me a foundation and helped me gain confidence. It helped our whole family get into the habit of reading together.” – Book Club Parent

“Parents report that children love their books! Children ask parents to read their books over and over again.” – Early Childhood Home Visitor Partner

At the doctor …

“My son loves picking out a new book every time.” – ReadWell Parent

“My children used to run to the toy section when I took them to Wal-Mart, and now they run to the book section.” – ReadWell Parent

“This is the most wonderful thing I do in pediatrics. Second to the immunizations and protection from disease, this is a game changer for our families. I give nightly thanks that I am allowed to participate in such a wonderful program.” – ReadWell Provider

“I saw a foster child who has severe anxiety about coming to the doctor and would not let anyone touch him. To calm him down, the foster parent read the book. The child was so excited that he let the provider finish the rest of the exam. The parents cannot wait to return for another book.” – ReadWell Provider

At pre-school and childcare centers…

“It’s a joy to the toddlers to see an unfamiliar face come into the classroom and read a familiar story to them. They realize the tone of the reader is very different to what they are use to. The toddlers seem to be more attentive and involved in the story when there is a new narrator. The children are very curious to know what’s in the box that the stranger is carrying.” – Early Childhood Partner

“The volunteers were awesome, all three were knowledgeable, entertaining and involved in what they were doing! The children really enjoyed the event.” – Early Childhood Partner

At elementary schools…

“Our students have very few or no books at home. They enjoy reading the library books and classroom books, but there is something extra special about having a book that you can keep at home and that is your very own.” – Books for Me Elementary Partner

“Students talked about heroes in their own lives. It was a very meaningful discussion about military members and moms and dads and how much they do.” – Books for Me Elementary Partner

At charter schools…

“Today is our first week being in session! The kids are so excited and I didn’t realize how many students do not understand the workings of a library. Thank you so much for being a valuable helping hand in our school.” – ReBook Partner

At the library …

“The book club has helped me to open a dialog with my boy about what’s in a book, proper library behavior, proper treatment of a book, and how to use a book/library to find information.” – Book Club Parent

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