Donate Books

Donate Your Children’s Books

We are so pleased you have chosen to support our mission by donating children’s books. You may drop them off anytime, 24/7, on the covered porch of our office at 2006 Greenbrook Parkway, Austin, TX 78723

Complete this online form to notify us of your book donation. 

Not sure if your books would make a good donation? Ask yourself, would I give this to a child to help them fall in love with reading? If the answer is yes, please donate.

Book Drives

Help us use our limited resources to give more beautiful books to children who need them! 

Yes, Please

The books should be clean, in good condition, free of stickers, and less than 20 years old. 

  • Bilingual or Spanish picture books 
  • Board books
  • Picture books
  • Elementary chapter books
  • Kid’s fiction and non-fiction
  • Teen and adult fiction (published in the last 10 years)
  • Clean and unmarked
  • Braille and less common languages

No, Thanks 

Due to our limited capacity, we cannot accept: 

    • Dirty, dusty, wet, chewed, ripped, bent, folded, highlighted, doodled upon, written in, or mildewed books.
    • Adult books (except parenting and teaching materials)
    • Library discards
    • Textbooks and curriculum materials 
    • Dictionaries, encyclopedias, or reference books  
    • Magazines
    • Used activity or coloring
    • Books missing covers or pages
    • And non-book materials, such as DVDs, CDs, Audio cassettes, and VHS tapes 

You can help us better serve children by taking the materials we cannot use to our friends at Goodwill or Austin Recycle & Reuse Drop Off to help keep them out of a landfill.

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