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Literacy improves the quality of life for everyone in Central Texas, and yet adult literacy remains a problem.  By starting early, we can improve outcomes for individuals who would otherwise lack access.  The more successful readers we have, the better equipped we will be at work, school, and play.  BookSpring’s generous sponsors, donors, and civic leaders understand the importance of providing books to children that need them, and support early literacy as a vital part of their service to the community. 

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Invest in Young Readers

Potential sponsors, corporate donors, and civic leaders of Central Texas, it is with great enthusiasm that we present our Sponsorship Portfolio for your consideration. There are myriad opportunities to demonstrate your commitment to social good throughout Central Texas by supporting BookSpring.

Your sponsorship goes towards sustaining our early literacy programs, as well as serving professionals in nearly 200 schools, community centers, and medical clinics that promote childhood literacy. 

Your support will help improve the lives of 100,000 children each year.  Our customized sponsorship program lets you create the perfect package to help you meet your corporate social responsibility goals. 

Based on our five core values, these comprehensive sponsorship plans may include both cash and in-kind value to help support BookSpring’s vision of a world of families reading and succeeding together. 

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BookSpring Sponsorship Opportunities

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Excellence Sponsor $20,000 +

Integrity Sponsor $15,000 +

Innovation Sponsor $10,000 +

Diversity Sponsor $5,000 +

Collaboration Sponsor $2,500 +

Let’s work together to create a custom BookSpring Sponsorship that will make your generosity shine. Sponsors may designate funds and benefits to one or more sponsorship categories and receive a selection equal to the total value of their contribution of the following benefits:

Logo and link recognition on BookSpring website (140,000 page views per year) (Value $5000)
Multi-post custom social media campaign (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, 1000+ engagements per month) (Value $5,000)
5 email newsletter mentions in segmented list of up to 12,000 literacy advocates (Value $2,500)
Annual report feature of 100-200 words delivered to 300 community VIPS (Value $1,500)
Logo on 1,500 Readathon t-shirts & reading logs plus 2,000 custom reading journals (Value $1,000)
Logo on program materials sent to 200 program partners across Central Texas (Value $500)
Mentions in media features & press releases ($250 each)
Additional guests for the Awards Luncheon ($150 each)
Sponsor photo recognition opportunities at partner sites across Central Texas ($100 each)
Group and individual volunteer opportunities (Value: $20 per hour)

Plus, all sponsors will receive a summary impact & marketing report after sponsor period ends.

Please contact Andrea Angelo, Director of Development & Marketing at (512) 472-1791 x 104 or email andrea.angelo@bookspring.org to discuss your ideas for support and to learn more about how your time, dollars and volunteers can be involved in early literacy through BookSpring.

We look forward to partnering with you now and in the future.

We accept all major credit cards through our secure web portal. If you would prefer to pay by check or be invoiced, please contact Andrea.

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