Join The Flying Book Society!

Become a sustaining member of BookSpring and help build early literacy year-round with a regular monthly donation. Your recurring gift will bring the joy and benefits of books in the home for children in Central Texas all year long.

  • For every pledge of $10 a month or more, you’ll get a nifty gift as a member of the Flying Book Society.
  • For every pledge of $25 a month or more, you’ll get 2 nifty gifts.
  • For current Flying Book Society members, increase your monthly pledge by $10 or more and receive a gift of your choice.

To sign up by phone or change your donation at anytime, please contact Andrea Angelo (512) 472-1791 ext. 104


Ongoing Support Makes a Difference

A new survey shows that a startling 46% of Central Texas homes with children under the age of 12 have fewer than 20 books at home. BookSpring is committed to building a cumulative impact on children from birth to age 12 by delivering multiple reading experiences and books in a variety of important settings. Your recurring gift will allow us to provide at least three books a year to children and families who need them most. You can make a difference for tomorrow by setting up your automatic payments today!

Also, consider volunteering, see our menu of donor opportunities, or call (512) 472-1791 x 123 to make a donation over the phone.

Enjoy the Convenience

It’s so easy to ensure more children grow up with books at home! Your recurring contribution will be automatically deducted from your major credit card on a monthly or quarterly basis. Every $50 you give, 20 books will be delivered to deserving children right here in Central Texas.

Pick Your Perk!

When you sign up for a gift of $10 & above monthly pledge, you may select our exclusive 100% cotton Flying Book Society T-shirt as our way of saying thank you. For $25 or more per month, you may choose an additional perk of a Zippered Tote Bag or a second Flying Book Society T-shirt. Make your selection when you check out through this link, where you will also be given the option of opting out of incentives.

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