Spanish Reading Resources

Parents and educators, BookSpring has compiled another list of Spanish-language educational videos and reading materials that are perfect for engaging young children. These links feature resources that are educational and entertaining. They’re ideal for young native Spanish speakers, and for newcomers to the language eager to learn new words! Read on for a list of links that should guarantee many hours of learning and amusement for little ones:

  • El Estudiante Digital features 37 free and legal Spanish-language stories for young children. Families can enjoy Spanish-translations of popular fairy-tales like Puss in Boots, Thumbelina, and The Emperor’s New Clothes. All works are free to download.
  • Imagiland Kids features a substantial list of Spanish-language read-alouds. With titles such as Mi Abuelo es un Superhéroe and Benito y el chupón, this channel has nearly 100 Spanish-language titles available. Additionally, this channel features the Spanish translations of two popular children’s titles: Corduroy and Clifford the Big Red Dog.
  • The Read it Again YouTube channel features uploads of English, Spanish, and bilingual children’s books. This collection features bilingual read-aloud of Goodnight Moon and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. With the English and Spanish languages displayed side-by-side, children should be able to pick up new vocabulary and language fundamentals easily.
  • Bookbox Inc. features an incredible list of animated storybooks that little ones are sure to love. Bookbox Inc.’s animations are available in at least ten languages, including Spanish, German, French, and Arabic. Viewers of the Spanish-language videos can follow along with English and Spanish titles.
  • Maguaré features an amazing collection of Spanish-language books, apps, games, videos, and sing-alongs. Sponsored by Colombia’s Ministry of Culture, this website features over 500 different activities for elementary-age Spanish speakers. Although the dialect of the language might vary from Mexican Spanish, the content of this website is charming and varied enough that it deserves to be featured on this list.

BookSpring hopes that families of all linguistic backgrounds can successfully utilize these Spanish-language resources for their young children to improve their academic and social preparedness. Studies show that learning a new language correlates with higher academic achievement and improved memory skills. Whether for learning or pleasure, the above list of Spanish-language resources is sure to benefit little ones. On behalf of BookSpring, please keep on reading!

Thanks to researcher Leah Ledbetter for helping us compile this list!

Families can find more resources here. Book recommendations are also available for kids birth-3, 4-5, 6-8, 9-12.
Spanish Reading Resources
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