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Announcing BookSpring’s First Response

BookSpring believes in giving books to kids at home.  With the health crisis, children arguably need print books in the home right now more than ever. In order to fulfill our program commitments in a time of uncertainty, we are pivoting to home delivery of books: BookSpring Delivered.  We have plenty of books on hand and our team is eager to serve. We need your help today.  Help us shift from delivery to schools and community centers to USPS shipping.  We are searching for kids in the hardest-hit zip codes.  With your help, we can reach the right kids with the right books at the right time.

A new method for a time-tested solution

We are aiming to distribute 5000 or more small packages of books and motivational reading materials between now and June 30 to the homes of families within our partnership network.

Eligible parents will be notified by our existing program partners and will need to contact us directly for requests and proof of low-income status. We will ask them to pledge to read together as a family and follow up with social media posts with the hashtag #bookspringatx so that we know that they’re enjoying their books!

Parents receiving in-home book delivery can also opt-in for weekly text messages with tips and additional free online reading resources.

Digital books can also be helpful to promote reading, and BookSpring Recommends several sources, such as Storyweaver, Unite for Literacy, and The Fable Cottage.  Additional Free Digital Libraries for Children are being added by our professional network of librarians, educators, and parent support specialists.

While we are not yet offering home book delivery directly to families, we are anticipating making this possible in the coming weeks.  Please check back often for more information frequently.

Help us get books to kids right now

BookSpring will need an estimated $22,000 for postage costs through the USPS to be able to fulfill our existing commitments through our current fiscal year-end.  This method helps keep families, staff, and volunteers at a safe physical distance while fulfilling our primary mission:  to build home libraries for a lifelong love of reading.

Three ways to contribute

BookSpring Smart TV Raffle

Congratulations to the winner of the Smart TV Time Raffle and a huge thanks to everyone that participated! Your support helps us provide books to the children that need them most. The winner will be announced on July 2nd.

BookSpring Delivered Gifts

Click here to make a charitable gift contribution of any amount towards our ongoing mission.  Check the new rules for “above the line” eligibility for tax deductions!  Share with five or more friends to expand your generosity.

Sustained Giving

Help us provide a steady stream of books with a monthly automatic contribution through your credit card or bank account:  A $10 recurring gift provides 3 books and motivational activities a year for 40 children in Central Texas!

All proceeds support BookSpring, offering programs and services that enrich the lives of children and families right here in Central Texas, keeping our shared vision alive – a world of families reading and succeeding together.

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