Delivered Partnerships

BookSpring is delivering through partnerships from elementary schools, childcare centers, and clinics.  Due to the continuing pandemic, we are customizing the way we make our book distributions through a new initiative called BookSpring Delivered.

BookSpring continues to prioritize our efforts on qualified low income families in certain target zip codes in Central Texas or who are clients of existing BookSpring program partners.  Delivered packages include a selection of new and gently used books and materials and activities designed to enhance the motivation and interest in reading.  Partners from our BookSpring Ed, Rx, and Go programs can share this opportunity with the children and families they serve, and we will work with partners individually do either do curbside delivery or direct mailings to families, depending on what’s best for the current situation.

In order to receive these books, partners should reach out to BookSpring to receive more information, and may be asked to help coordinate contact directly with the partner’s families.   While this service is subject to availability, we will strive to accommodate all matching requests.

For all our past and prospective partners, we very much want to stay in touch and are able to offer socially distanced programs for print books in the coming months.  Meanwhile, we hope you are able to use the many new resources we are providing on this website, particularly the Weekly Themes – Online Books and Activities.  Know that we are working every day to find ways to support you and continue our shared mission of getting books into the hands and homes of children.  Please phone or email anytime with questions about our current program offerings.

For more information or to just say hello, contact program managers Katie Mathews, at 512 472-1791 x 101 or Shannon Thorne, at 512 472-1791 x 110.

BookSpring will continue to offer a Continuum of Literacy Programs designed to reach children from birth through age 12 by building an active and supportive community of readers. We offer these programs through three partner areas: Healthcare (Rx), Education (Ed), and Community-based Organizations (Go). We reach children and families where they live, work, and play through professionals like you that they know and trust.


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