Parent Book Clubs

Developed over the past 17 years by BookSpring, the Parent Book Club is a unique, hands-on, parent-focused modeling curriculum that provides a unique structure for parent engagement, support, and improving both the number of books in the home and the frequency of reading with low-income families.

Parent BookClub Mom & Child Parent Book Clubs meet once a week for six weeks. Parents of pre-K and Kindergarten students receive read-aloud instruction and practice, a free book each week, and take-home materials to help them extend their child’s interest and understanding of each story.

  • Parents read to their children at the end of each meeting, immediately after practicing the story, when their confidence level is at its highest.
  • Parents receive incentives to visit their local library.
  • Parents get to know a school staff person who encourages them to stay involved even after the BookClub is over.
  • Children get to hake home 6 “forever books”.

Contact us for information about getting the parent book club at your school, library, or community center. (512) 472-1791 x 101.

The Parent Book Club Trainer of Trainers (three-hour workshop)

Early Childhood Centers, Daycares, Libraries, and Community Center Directors: Are you looking for an enjoyable way to engage parents while providing them with real knowledge and skills? Look no further!

This course offers experienced book club facilitators sharing best practices. The workshop also offers a full curriculum and a sample set of books. Attendees will leave prepared to help parents understand the importance of their role as their child’s first teacher.

This course is being offered periodically at our Central Austin location and can be booked at your site on a negotiated fee basis. To find out more, contact Katie Mathews at (512) 472-1791 x 101.

Have you attended a past training and want to purchase books to run your own Parent Book Club? Click here to order your book sets now!

What people are saying about the BookSpring Parent Book Club

We asked parents what was the most important thing they learned from Book Club. Here are some of their responses:

“I learned that I need to read every day to help my children in school and in life.” – Maria, Cepeda Book Club
“I learned to invite my daughters to participate in the reading and to let them choose books that interested them.” – Denise, Jordan Elementary Book Club
“I learned how to ask questions about a story and that reading with my child is fun and important.” – Deysi, Jordan Elementary Book Club
“Reading is important to do every day with my children and that children learn from a very early age.” – Evelin, Cepeda Book Club

Parents filled out surveys in Weeks 1 and 6 of Book Club and over 50% of surveyed participates stated increases in the following reading behaviors:

  • Use a special voice to show your child that the story is dramatic, suspenseful, humorous, playful, or sad.
  • Let my child to help me tell the story and talk about how the story is like his or her life.
  • Ask questions about what may happen next.
  • Use the book to teach something new to my child.

A Testimonial

Mari is a very active student and mother. She is always enthusiastic about participating in the various on-site services we offer. Her older son, Diego, had started at the age of 2 and now her younger son, Gabriel, was also enrolled. Like many of our parents, she expressed joy over all the learning her children were doing. I asked what she enjoyed most for her and she talked about her children. So, I asked once more and said “Mari, it gives me such joy that you recognize gains in your children’s learning, but what about you? What about Mari? What have you gained for yourself?” She blushed a little and smiled really big. I think she might have felt a little shy about what she was about to share. She said, “For me, I really enjoy the Parent BookClub with Lili. It is such a lovely experience. No one read to me as a child. When she reads the books, I find myself sitting there getting lost in what she’s reading, as though she’s reading it to me. Se me hace que eso me hizo falta de nina.”

I was filled with a mix of emotions as I listened to her. Lili and BookSpring were fulfilling something in Mari’s life that she might not have even realized she’d been missing. And it further confirmed for her the importance of reading with her own children.

The Parent BookClub is such a meaningful part of our program. Thank you for offering your phenomenal program to our families.

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