Author Ambassador: David Rice

Author Ambassador: David Rice

David Rice is BookSpring’s first Author Ambassador! He will be an integral part of our programs and public awareness efforts this year. David will serve as our trusted representative at school, company, and community-based events, including public speaking, reading aloud, informational sessions, and other community-based events.

He splits his time writing short stories about growing up and living in the Rio Grande Valley, mentoring and teaching high school students and developing local arts organizations. David’s collection of short stories, “Crazy Loco,” received the American Library Association’s Best Books for Young Reader’s Award. Among his current projects are young-adult novels and screenplays. He currently lives in San Antonio, Texas.

David skillfully balances humor and sensitivity in his writing, and his imaginative tales and colorful characters appeal to young readers on many levels. Culture and place figure prominently in these narratives; most are set in the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas and explore issues encountered in contemporary Mexican American life near the border.


The David Rice Method

David developed a proven teaching method harnessing the power of deconstruction analysis. Teachers trained to use the David Rice Method are provided culturally relevant flash fiction stories from his textbook Heart Shaped Cookies and access to readings of each story on YouTube to build and grow their students into confident readers and writers.

He offers a teacher academy designed to teach methods to improve reading and writing in the classroom. With a series of flash fiction stories paired with accompanying videos, teachers will have tools to help students become confident readers and writers. Earn 12 CPE hours.

To learn more, visit https://www.davidricemethod.com/

Author Ambassador 


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