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BookSpring is indebted to the many media creators who share their content resources freely. We have made every effort to credit the creators within the asset itself, or its metadata, whenever possible.

Please help us thank the following digital publishers for essential contributions to our website:

Global Attributions

Storyweaver by Pratham Books
Ebooks included in Weekly Themes
Authors, illustrators, and sponsors (if applicable) contained within assets
Also, fully embedded platform used with permission

Unite for Literacy
Digital ebook platform repurposed in site with permission
All Rights Reserved

Images and Video
Creators credited within assets
Used with permission for non-commercial purposes
Pixabay License

Used with permission
Shutterstock license

Wikimedia Commons
Authors and Titles contained within assets

Individual Acknowledgements

Image by Felix Hu from Pixabay

Image by Nicole Turner from Pixabay

Image by Emmanuel Mendez from Pixabay

Image by Łukasz Siwy from Pixabay

Image by digital designer from Pixabay

Image by Nicole Turner from Pixabay

Image by AzamKamolov from Pixabay

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Image by 4144132 from Pixabay

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Video by samzamani from Pixabay

Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay

Image by Bruno Marques Designer from Pixabay

Image by Elena Chukovskaya from Pixabay

Image by dandelion_tea from Pixabay

Video by Caelan Kelley from Pixabay

Video by davidfoxx from Pixabay

Video by Muhammad Sadeeq from Pixabay

Video by Anderson Campos from Pixabay

Video by Joe Hackney from Pixabay

Video by Julius H from Pixabay

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