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BookSpring builds early literacy in children and families through healthcare, education, and the community.


BookSpring is the only Central Texas organization focusing on building literacy skills and the motivation to read through increasing home libraries and reading aloud activities for children. With over 45 years of experience, BookSpring has taken the best practices of our founding programs and adapted them to the special needs of Central Texas low-income families.  We have created a continuum of early literacy interventions through a theory of change that support brain development, family interaction, skill building and the motivation to read in children from birth through age 12.

Our programs both increase awareness of the importance of reading while providing the tools to do so. To maximize impact, we partner with medical clinics, schools, and other non-profits to work through their programs with book distributions, supplemental activities, and events designed to educate, inspire, and build intrinsic motivation to read.

Our Shared Values

As a nonsectarian, nonpartisan, inclusive organization, we value:


We depend on exceptional people to provide exceptional quality services throughout our organization. We set high standards and we support each other as we strive to achieve them.


We treat all individuals with respect and dignity. We respect the cultural heritage of each of our program participants.


We embrace change, creativity, continuous learning, and personal growth. We incorporate new ideas and methods to improve the services we provide. We anticipate future trends and we create strategic plans to ensure future growth and continued vitality.


We recognize that a range of thoughtful perspectives is necessary for open inquiry, creativity, and a healthy organization. We seek and welcome diverse board members, volunteers, and staff. In order to foster a healthy and diverse environment, we act with compassion, communicate respectfully, and seek a multiplicity of opinions.


We collaborate with healthcare, education, and community partner organizations and nonprofits to improve children’s access to literacy opportunities – we reach families where they are and through people they trust.

20 Books for Central Texas

We envision a day when we can provide a steady stream of at least 3 books a year to the 80,000 children living in poverty in our region.  As of January, 2020, we’re about 60% there, and your sustaining gift of any amount will help us grow and continue to meet the need.  We believe that if every child grew up with at least 20 books at home, that we would see signifiant improvements in kindergarten readiness, 3rd grade reading scores, and other known indicators of success and well-being throughout the lifespan.  Early interventions make the most impact on brain and social emotional development, and books and reading aloud together are a simple but effective way to build positive family relationships and inspire an intrinsic lifelong love of reading.  We are enacting this vision through the goals of books distributed, child attendance at BookSpring sponsored events, and the number of volunteer placements in BookSpring organized shifts each year.

Will you help BookSpring achieve the following goals?  

Distribute books, including both new, like new, and gently used conditions. Books will be curated for overall quality, including literary value, topical relevance, reading level, target language in the home, and likelihood to engage and inspire and motivate young readers.


Engage children in attendance at BookSpring supported events with a focus on partner sites operating in zip codes with the highest numbers of children living in poverty according to the U.S. Census.


Achieve volunteer placements, both groups and individuals. Volunteer roles include sorting books, supporting motivational reading activities including reading aloud to groups of children, delivery driving, and organizational support.


Contact Mariela Rodriguez, Communications Director, at (512) 472-1791 x 102 for more information.

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