MAXIMUS Foundation grant awarded

BookSpring was recently awarded a grant from the MAXIMUS Foundation. This foundation awards grants to local community organizations with programs and projects in the areas of child and youth development, health, and community development.

“It’s an honor to provide BookSpring with a MAXIMUS Foundation grant that will enable such a deserving organization to continue its spectacular work improving health, child and community development, and helping underserved populations in the local community,” said John Boyer, MAXIMUS Foundation Chairman.

This grant will be applied toward our ReadWell program, supporting pediatric literacy programs in 30 low-income healthcare sites across Central Texas.  These programs are a critical part of our 20 by 2020 goal, as they deliver up to 14 books to deserving families from birth through age 5.

Community efforts such as this will help our organization create a sustainable system to provide 20 books for every targeted Central Texas household by 2020. Having just 20 books in the home during early childhood contributes to three more years of education over those who don’t.

Executive Director Emily Cicchini said, “This year, our annual campaign goal is $30,000. This is because we have a big plan to bridge the big gap in early literacy. We want to expand our services to reach all low-income children in Central Texas to help them build their own personal home libraries.”

Our continuum of literacy programs are designed to provide low income children with at least 20 books to build a home library during their infancy and childhood years.

Boyer added, “BookSpring has earned this well-deserved grant by providing innovative solutions that empower families and individuals – values that we hold dear at the MAXIMUS Foundation.”

MAXIMUS Foundation grant awarded
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MAXIMUS Foundation grant awarded

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