Our Favorite Classics: A Mom and Daughter Interview

A Keller Williams Red Day Interview

We were lucky enough to spend a few minutes with Jenny and her two-year-old daughter, Sadie, at Half Price Books to find out what they are currently reading. What did we learn?

The classics rule the roost in their household.

Sadie, the youngest in the family, is read to by her mom and sisters before bed each night. While she has discovered a love for a variety of books at story time events, her favorite books are those that have been around for decades. First up is the series about Clifford the Big Red Dog by Norman Bridwell. She loves the escapades the little girl Emily Elizabeth shares with her family pet, the enormous dog named Clifford.

Clifford the Big Red Dog book cover
She also loves the series of “Little” books, like The Little Kitten and The Little Duck, which are full-color picture books with sweet, simple stories about the animals portrayed inside.

Sadie’s older sisters are also into reading classic books. One of her siblings, currently in the first grade, loves the Little House on the Prairie series, first published in the 1930s, which tells the tales of the Ingalls family, and their adventures as they travel via covered wagon to a new home in Kansas, as well as their subsequent life on the farm.

Little House on the Prairie book cover
And mom? She has fond memories of reading The Secret Garden and Little Women every year. Traditions she is sure to pass on to her daughters as they grow.

Secret Garden book cover
Names: Jenny and Sadie
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Book Titles: Clifford the Big Red Dog, The Little Kitten/Duck, The Little House on the Prairie, The Secret Garden, Little Women

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Our Favorite Classics: A Mom and Daughter Interview
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Our Favorite Classics: A Mom and Daughter Interview

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