A picture paints a thousand words

Submitted by: Janelle Nichols, Guest Blogger

The phrase, “A picture paints a thousand words, “ is one that definitely applies in my case. In the picture you see a mother and daughter lying in bed reading. What you don’t see is the bond that is being created through this special reading time. What you don’t hear are the interjections by the daughter, eager to make a connection to the story. What you don’t feel is the love that the mother and daughter have for each other.

In our family, from before either one of my children were born, they were read to on a consistent basis. This practice continued after they were born and still continues to this day. Reading each night with my children is a time when we can connect into each other. I can learn my child’s interests/disinterests. I can learn who the classroom bully is this particular week. I can learn who they might have a crush on (I’m not ready to deal with this quite yet!). I read to my children for years and now they read to me.

As a teacher mom, listening to my children read gives me great insight on what specific reading skills they need to practice. More importantly, it allows my child to “show off” their skills and take ownership of their learning. I treasure these moments. As long as my children want to continue this special reading time, I will lay in their twin bed, pressed against the wall, with their heads on my chest listening to them read.

A picture paints a thousand words
Janelle reads to her daughter
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A picture paints a thousand words

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