Staff Picks: H. A. Rey and Katy No Pocket

Submitted by: Brenda Brantley, Communications Manager

One of my family’s favorite children’s author and illustrator is H.A. Rey. Known for his timeless classic, the Curious George series, Rey’s illustrations in Katy No Pocket, are what my daughter most likes to discuss during her bedtime story.

Katy No Pocket, is the story of Katy, a momma kangaroo, who does not have a pocket for her baby. After unsuccessfully seeking advice from other animal mothers on carrying her baby, Katy takes the advice of a wise old owl and goes to the city to get a pocket. A kind gentleman gives Katy his multi-pocketed smock and Katy is delighted to not only offer her baby a ride in a pocket, but the babies of various animals.

My daughter’s favorite part is discussing the colors, the animal babies and of course, Katy’s smock. Without fail, we spend the most time on the last page so she can count the animals, and discuss the lively scene.

Book cover "Katy No Pocket"

Staff Picks: H. A. Rey and Katy No Pocket
Scene from Katy No Pocket. Smock with many pockets and animals.
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Staff Picks: H. A. Rey and Katy No Pocket

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