At the Library

Submitted By Tara Hall, Director of Finance

My daughter Sara is now in her 20’s but I will always cherish the years when she was 4 and 5. Times were difficult as I was newly divorced and raising Sara on my own. We looked forward to Saturdays when we would go to the library. First, we went to the children’s area where Sara picked out as many books as she and I could carry! Then she would choose two videos, which were the limit. Finally, we went to the adult area where I would select music CDs, a video, and books. When we got home with our treasures, Sara dove right into her new books.

Sunday mornings were equally special. That’s when Sara would watch her library videos while I took a bubble bath and listened to my new music. Every night I read new stories to my daughter. The library opened our eyes and ears and hearts to new worlds. If it had not been for the library, I could not have exposed her, or myself, to the breadth and depth of life I did.

Sara still loves to read and devours not only books for pleasure but all types of information in various formats. I believe her early exposure to diverse reading materials helped make her the successful salesperson and artist that she is today. It is in part the impact of those days that led me to work at BookSpring. I’m proud and grateful to be part of an organization that inspires children to love reading.


At the Library
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At the Library

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