Top Tips for Book Lovers Q&A Advice from the Experts

Porch.com recently reached out for advice from experts, like BookSpring, to provide book lovers with tips on various topics. This is an excerpt from the article written by Lorena Romo.

Every book lover will agree that reading not only brings you lots of benefits, but it can take you to places you couldn’t imagine. Every book and every page can transport you and make you feel you are part of the story. So if you are a book lover, or maybe you are just trying to improve your reading habit, encouraging your kids to read, or simply want to know more about books, keep reading. From “How to start a good reading habit” to “What is the perfect lighting for reading,” we gathered the best book blogs to give us their expert opinion on tips, advice, and everything we need to know on how to be a perfect bookworm.

Five tips to reading aloud with kids

  1. Let your kids select the books they want you to read. You can keep them alongside their toys to create an association with fun!
  2. Select a comfortable space to read together. There are plenty of affordable ways to create a “reading nook” or “at-home library.”
  3. Kids love voices and drama in stories! Try using different voices for different characters.
  4. Young children have a hard time sitting still. Aim to read together for 5-15 minutes at a time. Give them the freedom to wiggle their bodies if they need to.
  5. Most importantly, be patient and encouraging. Nurturing a love of reading takes time as you build reading routines at home.

– Mariela Rodriguez at BookSpring

Whether you are starting a reading habit or you are a complete bookworm, these tips and advice from the experts will give you great insights on everything you need to know to keep enjoying a good read.

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Top Tips for Book Lovers Q&A Advice from the Experts
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Top Tips for Book Lovers Q&A Advice from the Experts

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