Virtual Read Aloud Volunteer

Recorded or Live Video Read Alouds

Help inspire families to take a break with a good book together!  You will submit a screen recording of yourself reading a book from a specified digital library aloud for our YouTube channel for this volunteer activity.

Spanish and English submissions are both welcome! Please include a few prompting questions to ask throughout the book to keep viewers engaged.

  • Step 1: Download the Google Chrome Extension Screencastify at https://www.screencastify.com/
  • Step 2: Visit https://www.bookspring.org/en/weekly-themes-lessons/
  • Step 3: Click on a theme (any theme on the page is available!) and age group you’d like to read for (Level 1 = 3-5-year-olds, Level 2 = 6=8-year-olds)
  • Step 4: Read the embedded PDF books and select one to read aloud, though keep in mind your video cannot exceed 5 minutes.
  • Step 5: Record yourself reading the PDF book using Screencastify. You can choose to include the thumbnail video of yourself or not. Either way, be sure to introduce yourself as well as the book’s title, author, illustrator, and publisher: Pratham Books.
  • Steph 6: Submit your reading to our Google Drive using this link.

VIDEO: Between 3 to 5 minutes in length

Screencastify WILL stop recording at 5 minutes. Please be sure to record any videos with your volume at maximum capacity. To submit content, you will need to have a Google Account

Be sure to record your volunteer time by filling out this form.

Virtual Read Aloud Volunteer
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Virtual Read Aloud Volunteer

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