7 Ways Families Can Promote Early Literacy 

Research confirms that families play an essential role in promoting early literacy. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, reading daily to young children helps their brain development (O’Keefe, 2014).

Families can foster engagement while promoting early literacy! Reading together establishes a shared event in which stronger bonds develop between parents, caregivers, and children. 

7 Ways Families Can Promote Early Literacy

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The Global Family Research Project released these seven research-based practices guaranteed to help you effectively promote early literacy at home. 

  1. Create literacy-friendly home environments
  2. Have ongoing and engaging conversations with your children 
  3. Hold high expectations for child’s learning
  4. Make reading enjoyable 
  5. Use your home language 
  6. Communicate with your child’s teachers
  7. Visit the library! (Or schedule a curbside pickup!)

Take your youngest reader to the library, get some great books and sit down together to read out loud. Help your more advanced readers find books they’ll enjoy on their own! Ask them to read their favorite books to you and then ask questions about them.

Early Positive Literacy Experiences = Confident Readers

By hearing new words in a story explained by an adult, children’s vocabulary grows exponentially. Books tend to use words absent from our everyday speech. The simple act of curling up with a good book together can help develop so many skills necessary in life. 

“Family engagement is key in building strong pathways that lead to children’s healthy development, school readiness, graduation, and subsequent success” (Caspe & Lopez, 2017). 

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7 Ways Families Can Promote Early Literacy 
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7 Ways Families Can Promote Early Literacy 

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