Community Helpers for 6-8 year olds

Have you heard of a community helper? These people are the firefighters, police officers, doctors, and teachers that make our community safe, happy, and healthy. Let’s read all about them!

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The school is on fire

  • What should you do if your house or the building you are in is on fire? Who should you call?
  • What characteristics do Firefighters need to do their job? 

Big Blue Bus

  • Have you ever rode on a bus? What was your experience like? 
  • Why do you think the bus being on time is important? 

Doctor, why do I have four eyes?

  • Why does Lisa have to wear glasses? 
  • What does the eye doctor do to help Lisa?

Books: Español


La escuela está en llamas!

  • ¿Que harias si tu casa o otro edificio estuviera en llamas? ¿A quién llamarías?
  • ¿Qué características necesitas para ser bombero/a?

El Autobús Grande y Azul

  • ¿Has usado a un autobús?
  • ¿Por que tengo cuatro ojos doctor?

Things to Do Together

  • Can you list a community helper for every letter of the alphabet? 
  • Choose one of the helpers from your list and talk about:
    1. How does what this person does help you?
    2. What does this person use to do their job?
    3. How would your life be different if this person did not do the job they do?
  • Make a card or write a note for someone that helps you and tell them why you appreciate what they do for you. 

Way to Move Together

Choose 10 from the list of community helpers that you made and write them on slips of paper. Mix them up and take turns to choose one and act out the job they do (without talking!) – can your family figure out what job it is?

Share Together

At the end of the week, reflect on what you read and what you did.

  • How would your life be different without the people you learned about this week?
  • Did you learn about a new job?

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Community Helpers for 6-8 year olds
Week 39 Community Helpers Card Ages 6-8
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Community Helpers for 6-8 year olds

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