Volunteer Spotlight: Prashanth Shenoy

Prashanth Shenoy began volunteering with us this past year. Having little access to books growing up in India inspired him to get involved with BookSpring. Prashanth is a devoted volunteer who assists with book pickups and deliveries. He is also helping with the mailing of BookSpring Direct book bundles to families across Central Texas.

Volunteer Prashanth Shenoy

What is your volunteer role with BookSpring? What are some of the activities you have helped with? 
I mostly collect boxes of books from donors and deliver them to BookSpring. I also deliver book bundles from the BookSpring office to USPS. 
What do you like about BookSpring?
I have three children, and I know how passionate they are about books and reading. Fortunately, we can afford books for them and have access to libraries close to home. BookSpring’s commitment to building early literacy for all kids who do not have easy access to books/reading is what I love about this organization. I also like working with all the volunteers there who are passionate about the organization’s vision.
Why is reading important to you?
Growing up in a small town in India, I had very little access to books. A limited number of comics and textbooks from school is all I had access to until I was well into my teen years. Now that I see my kids (age 9 and 12) read books from varying genres and expand their world view and knowledge, it makes me wonder about all the reading I missed in my early days of life. I encourage my kids to read whenever they get some free time, and I would do the same with any kids that I can help. 
What is your favorite children’s book? 
The Adventures of Tintin, by far! Not sure if it is as popular here in the US as in India back in the 90s. Tintin was probably the only non-Indian comic I read as a child. 

BookSpring’s Volunteer Spotlight highlights our gratitude for the heroes behind the scenes. This month is National Volunteer Month, so every Thursday, we will introduce you to an extraordinary volunteer committed to increasing access to books and promoting a love of reading.

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Volunteer Spotlight: Prashanth Shenoy
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Volunteer Spotlight: Prashanth Shenoy

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