Weekly Themes: Sun, Rain, and Reading for 6-8 years old

Sun, Rain, and Reading 

August brings us plenty of sun..if it’s too hot outside, why not find a cool place to sit and read a book together? What do animals do in the summer to keep cool? Why is the sunshine important – how does it help us? Animals? Plants? 

What about rain–How does the rain help us and the world around us?

Bibi the Butterfly loves the sun, rain, and reading!  Watch video, download books, and explore things to do with BookSpring.

Read at Home Together

“The Red Raincoat” offers lots of opportunities for discussion as you read. Encourage your child to think and predict what will happen next and to answer the questions Manu asks, based on the information each picture gives you. You can download the books and save them and keep them forever, to read again and again:

Here are some books to read together!


Things to do Together

Shadow drawing – choose some toys or items to take outside along with a piece of paper and something to draw with. Stand the toys/items next to the piece of paper so that their shadow falls onto the paper. Encourage your child to draw around the outline of the shadow. Take the picture inside and let them add the details and colors to their picture.

Shaving cream clouds! Spray shaving foam on a surface, draw pictures in it with your finger

Record the weather every day for a week, note changes in temperature and climate

Make your own sundial with a paper plate and stick. Check it every hour to draw where the shadow of the stick falls on the paper plate.

What melts in the sun? Take a muffin tray/paper cups (something you don’t mind potentially being ruined) and put items into each section. Leave outside in the sun, checking back every hour to see any changes.

Ways to Move Together

Go outside: what shapes can you make with your own shadow?

Time to Share

At the end of the week, reflect on what you read, and what you did.

  • I know more about …
  • I learned…

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Meanwhile, keep reading…

If you also have kids at home age 3-5, check out these activities and books. 

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Weekly Themes: Sun, Rain, and Reading for 6-8 years old
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Weekly Themes: Sun, Rain, and Reading for 6-8 years old

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