Summer Must Read Chapter Books

Kids are at it again and sharing what they are reading over the summer! Help your kids age 9-12 and teens develop their summer reading list from these recommendations. Check with your local library to see if you can access these as ebooks for FREE. 

Recommended for Age 9-12

14 Best ELA: The Fourth Stall by Chris Rylander - novel resources ...

The Fourth Stall  by Chris Rylander

Book Review by Rohan

I enjoyed it because it takes place in middle school and I can relate to the kids’ lifestyle. A young boy named Christian Barrett runs an undercover office for student services. He gives students answer sheets, fake hall passes, fake doctor notes, and videogames their parents do not let them buy. He does all kinds of things for a small amount of cash. His office is in the fourth stall from the upper high window in the east wing’s bathroom. I think many kids will like this because many kids like breaking rules. Every kid has always had moments when they need answers or fake doctor notes to get out of school. Everybody can relate to this and they really enjoy it. He is only used to dealing with low scale problems but when he listened to one of his customers talk about Staples, a shady kid that nobody knows much about, he has taken a steep turn in his life. Another reason I like this book is that Chris and his friend Vince both grew up in trailers with their family, but only one grew up and got a house and one faced money problems. This relates to real-life issues people have. I really recommend this to children.

Recommended for Age 9-12, Young Adult

The Storm Runner by J. C. Cervantes (ARC) – Con or Bust 2018 Auction

The Storm Runner by Rick Riordan

Book Review by Kovid

 I enjoyed it because it was a book that featured action, adventure, and mystery. Zane Obispo, the main character/protagonist, is part of a huge prophecy made way before he was born. After fulfilling the horrible prophecy, he goes on an adventure to fix what he had done. Fight after fight and action after action, he completes his goal. I loved the dramatic things that happened in this book. They were completely weird and unexpected and really hook the reader. This included people transforming into animals, dark and secret truths, and gods. The book is based on Mayan mythology and is the first out of the two in the series.

Recommended for Age 9-12, Young Adult 

Projekt 1065 by Alan Gratz 

Book Review by Sunil

The story is set in WW2 with the protagonist, a 13-year-old Michael O Shaunessey who is living at the Irish Embassy at Berlin. Like every other kid there, Michael is part of the Hitler Youth. However, Michael and his parents despise the Nazis and are spying on them for the Allies. When Michael discovers Projekt 1065, a secret Nazi war project, he must prove his loyalty to the Hitler Youth and win their trust, to get to the blueprints of the project. The rest of the story is the arduous journey into Michael’s efforts and life under the Nazi regime and how children were made child soldiers by the Nazis,

I highly recommend this book to any WW2 buff; it surely will engage you and at the same time informs you of the struggles during the WWII era

Recommended for Age 9-12, Young Adults

The Shadow Queen | Knit and Lit 

The Shadow Queen by C. J. Redwine 

Book Review by Shruti

A spin-off of the classic Snow-White fairytale, The Shadow Queen by C.J. Redwine follows crown princess of Ravenspire, Lorelai Diederich. Trying to reclaim her throne back from her evil stepmother, Irina, who also killed her father, Lorelai must use the one weapon they both have in common — magic. However, unbeknownst to Lorelai, her stepmother Irina has struck a deal with neighboring kingdom Eldr’s crown prince Kol that allows her to get rid of Lorelai. The deal Irina strikes with Kol says that Kol must become her huntsman and retrieve Lorelai’s heart for her to save Kol’s kingdom from a dangerous army. Now, fugitive-at-large Lorelai must outwit not only her evil stepmother but also huntsman Kol, who she likes far more than she should.

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Summer Must Read Chapter Books
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Summer Must Read Chapter Books

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