Books for kids age 4-5

Are you looking for some great books to read at home with your kids? We recommend these titles for the pre-kinder and kinder bound kids in your life.

Review by Barbara Campos 

Inside Out Box of Mixed Emotions by Brittany Candau

Learn about five different emotions (Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust) through funny, real-life examples of what might make us feel each one. Sunshine, new adventures and sprinkles on cupcakes, might inspire Joy. Time-outs, people saying “don’t have a cow!,” and someone putting vegetables on your pizza might spark Anger. All five emotions have separate color stories that visually differentiate one from another (e.g. Anger is red; Sadness is blue). The emotions in the book are based on those of Riley Anderson, who was a main character in the Disney/Pixar animated movie “Inside Out”. A really fun read that would be great for kids ages 3 to 5.

Review by Blakely from National Charity League 

Curious George Goes by Margaret Rey

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Review by Lynn Rosen 

I am an Artist by Pat Lowery Collins 

I like this book because it has beautiful pictures. It also describes and shows us how to look at everyday things around us. It shows how we can all be artists when we learn to “see” differently. It can help us appreciate how everything is special when you really pay attention. It describes how the biggest part of being an artist is looking at what is there, wherever you are.

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Books for kids age 4-5
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Books for kids age 4-5

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