Reading Helps Children have a Fun and Fulfilling Summer

By: Dana Silverman 

With the summer break now in session, most children now have plenty of free time. So what should parents do now to keep their children busy? The answer is simple. Read. Reading can be a pivotal opportunity for children to have a fun and fulfilling summer.

An Academic Learning Opportunity

With the whole Coronavirus situation leading to nationwide school closures in the middle of the school year, many students may have been left without the proper learning instruction that occurs with face-to-face teachers, leading students to fall behind. Fortunately, reading is a great opportunity for children to engage with new vocabulary. Asking children for a quick summary after they have finished reading a book can be a great starter for developing a stronger memory. Parents and caregivers should ask questions about the characters or plot that are not explicitly stated in the text to help their children fine-tune deeper analysis skills.


Reading is one of the best ways to let one’s imagination loose. Books with strong fiction realms can easily appeal to children entertaining them with plots that are…literally out of this world. As an additional perk, students will spend less time with their eyes glued onto a smartphone or tablet. Therefore, it is crucial for children to find books that interest them. Once students find an avid interest in reading, then they will see the activity as fun and spend more time searching for other books that will expand their knowledge.

Learn about different new things

Schools usually have a curriculum that does not allow for much deviation from the common core. Yet, reading opens up children to new horizons they would not have naturally been exposed to, such as different cultures and new perspectives. Educating children from an early age can build a great sense of community and build an accepting culture within children which is a crucial life-skill.

Family Bonding

Last but not least, children might find the task of reading books grueling but when parents or siblings get involved in promoting literacy, the child will not only be actively productive at home but will have fun family bonding time.

Reading Helps Children have a Fun and Fulfilling Summer
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Reading Helps Children have a Fun and Fulfilling Summer

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