The Storybook Heroes Awards Luncheon has been postponed.

Stay tuned for an announcement for a new fall date – same time, same place, same fabulous event.

Friday May 1, 2020 has been cancelled. 

You can still play the BookSpring Smart TV Raffle! 

BookSpring needs to raise $22,000 by June 1 in order to deliver books to children who were expecting them not through schools, clinics, and daycare centers, but directly to families and caregivers who are stuck at home, by way of the good old US Mail.  Learn more about this initiative called BookSpring Delivered, which you can support in many ways in addition to the purchase of your raffle tickets.

BookSpring is still open and promoting early literacy in Central Texas!

Please enjoy this message from Sarah Bird about the importance of books to her growing up.


Award-winning Austin Author Sarah Bird

Author of Daughter of a Daughter of a Queen, A Love Letter to Texas Women and The Mommy Club

“As she swallows a few more drops, I whisper to my child’s namesake, “The first of untold numbers of sweet things you will taste in this life.” It is my blessing.” ― Sarah Bird, The Gap Year

More about the Storybook Heroes

Fun, Friends, and a Passion for Reading

BookSpring celebrates Storybook Heroes in our community.  Over a dozen businesses and individuals have been selected over the years for this honorary award.

The theme of our next event will be is “Books are a Lifeline,” and we can’t think of anything more appropriate.

For all of us, books are a connection to a wider world and a chance to escape our immediate surroundings. And at the same time, books give every child the skills they need to succeed in the future.

Books are truly a lifeline — in so many ways.

We hope you will join us for the 8th Annual Storybook Heroes Awards Luncheon — and ensure that every child in our community has access to the lifeline of books in their homes.

Please make plans to join us!

BookSpring builds early literacy in children and families through healthcare (Rx), education (Ed), and the community (Go). BookSpring is dedicated to making sure kids have books that will shape and change their lives. 

Special Thanks to:

Event Chair
Crystal Reynolds

Event Committee 
Claire Stuart, Michelle Bourianoff, Susan Patterson, and Lydia Valdes

Event Coordinators

Corcoran & Co, FUNauctions



Gallery of Past Storybook Heroes

Storybook Heroes
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Storybook Heroes

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