Strengthening families in our community

Reading regularly with young children stimulates optimal patterns of brain development. Books in the home and reading together can strengthen parent-child relationships during a critical period of development.

BookSpringGo programs partners with community-based organizations that work with children and families to provide early literacy programs. We target families living in low-income zip codes to provide a critical mass of books and positive literacy experiences at home. Partnerships with organizations like AVANCE allow us to reach families who will benefit the most from our programs.

This video was produced in January 2020. 

AVANCE continues to work with the families in their 9 month Parent and Child Education Program. Like many agencies, they have done an extraordinary job pivoting their service delivery by offering parents and children virtual programming and tele-home visits.

“While we recognize the tremendous stress our families are facing because of COVID-19, coupled with the complexities of everyday life, we’re happy to report that they still continue to actively engage with us and prioritize their children’s education and development,” said Maggie Aguas, Home Educator Lead for AVANCE.

AVANCE families received a curated selection of books directly to their homes through BookSpring Delivered. We went one step further by providing content for their online learning platform so families had access to tailored reading strategies and tips.

Maggie added, “We’re lucky to have community partners like BookSpring who continue to support our efforts in making early literacy and family literacy as accessible as possible, especially in the midst of this pandemic. Now more than ever, having access to free books is crucial so that families have the tools they need to advance their child’s learning and create healthy outlets to combat stress. AVANCE is so grateful for the quick response by BookSpring to offer BookSpring Delivered – making it safe and easy for every AVANCE family to receive free books delivered to their homes.

Thank you to AVANCE and all of our partners who continue serving our community!

You can support BookSpring Delivered which targets families with children 12 and under living in low-income zip codes. Help cover mailing shipping costs for books here.  
Access family resources and recommendations, YouTube storytime videos, and Spanish Reading Resources.
Strengthening families in our community
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