Reading Together as a Family

Reading together as a family and doing activities related to the story is a great way to fill your time and build lasting memories! BookSpring is here to provide you with recommendations on children’s books. We are connecting with members of our community to share some of their favorite stories with you. Check out more book reviews and recommendations here.

Anvi is a Generation Serve volunteer. This young reader highly recommends The Book with No Pictures by B.J. Novak.”The book with no pictures is a funny book that will result in laughter, trust me! Even though it has no pictures it is a fun and silly book. I liked making my mom read it to me over and over again especially the pages with the made-up words like Gluurr-Ga-wocko, ma Grumph a-doo, Broog etc. This book is sure to create memories of grown-ups saying silly things!”

Caregivers consider pairing this story with some family art time. Create pictures for the book together!

Haley Meyer the founder of Charity Links and Community Helping Hands reads The Book with No Pictures. Subscribe to our YouTube page to enjoy our Community Story Time videos. 

Reading Together as a Family
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Reading Together as a Family

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