Meet the Staff: Shannon Thorne

What is your job at BookSpring?

I run the educational programs which work with elementary schools to provide books to their students. The Books For Me is a book ownership program which serves the entire school with students receiving 3 books. The other program, Summer Success targets the slide in reading scores over the summer. Working closely with librarians and teachers of kinder, first and second grade students we have a curriculum which they use for 10 weeks (books to read and extension activities) and culminates with the students choosing 5 – 10 books, matched to their reading level to keep them reading over the long summer.

What do you like about your job at BookSpring?

I love my job because I get to work with an amazing team providing books to students who often do not have any in their homes. Being a teacher by trade, I love working with librarians and teachers and getting to see students faces when they choose their forever books!

How has your job changed with the outbreak of Covid-19?

Since the outbreak of Covid, we have shifted our perspective to mail books out to students, instead of them choosing books at school. Working with librarians to find ways to support them during this time as well and finding ways to support and connect with parents, while not overwhelming them.

What Would You Like to Tell the BookSpring Audience?

With all the uncertainty we are dealing with every day, parents should know that spending time reading together helps to build and strengthen relationships and often open up conversations about topics children are worried about but don’t know how to voice.

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Meet the Staff: Shannon Thorne
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Meet the Staff: Shannon Thorne

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