Meet the Staff: Katie Mathews

What is your job at BookSpring? 

I’m BookSpring’s Go Program Manager. That means I manage all of our programs that occur in the community, in early childhood centers, as well as any programs we run with parents & families. 

What do you like about your job at BookSpring? 

There are so many things to like, I can’t imagine listing them all here! I love that I get to read and choose so many awesome books and get them into the hands of kids who need them. I also love that I get to go out into the community, meet new people, engage families through books and share my own love of reading in order to empower others. 

How has your job at BookSpring changed with the outbreak of Covid-19?

I no longer get to go into our offices and see my wonderful coworkers or team of volunteers anymore, which is a huge change  I also can’t plan events in the childcare centers and community like I used to, so we’re having to get very creative on how to reach families with our services when we can’t bring the families to us.

What would you like to tell the BookSpring audience? 

Reading together at home is a great and powerful activity to do every day, whether or not we’re in quarantine. Having a steady supply of interesting and quality children’s books at home is critical to making that reading time possible and engaging for both parent and child. Even as restrictions and safety have made it more challenging to provide our services to those that need them, we’re working very hard to get the right books out to the right kids at this time and we’re so thankful for all the support we’ve received from the community in fulfilling our mission. 

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Meet the Staff: Katie Mathews
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Meet the Staff: Katie Mathews

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