Meet the Staff: Suzanne MacGillivray

This week the staff spotlight is on Suzanne MacGillivray. 

What is your job at BookSpring? 

I’m the Development Associate. I’m part time and I deal with things involving fundraising.

What do you like about your job at Bookspring? 

I help with raising the funds that make it possible for BookSpring to be able to provide all of it’s amazing services. BookSpring serves kids from families who have low incomes, which makes BookSpring’s work all the more important. I want ALL the kids in our community to have great options in life & reading has a big impact on a child’s future success. (And by success I mean getting to spend their work-lives doing something they love, not just something they have to do.) Reading is such a huge part of my life so I want to share that love with others who will enjoy it as much as I have.

How has your job at BookSpring changed with the outbreak of Covid-19?

Specifically, we were wrapping up the Readathon & getting ready to have volunteers come in to put together prize packs with t-shirts, label them for each child, & get them ready to deliver to the schools for the schools to pass out to the kids. We were looking forward to awarding medals and trophies to kids in person as well. But, we’ve switched to mailing the prizes which, due to social distancing, can only be done by one of us and that one is me! So right now I’m just packing and shipping all day and hoping I’m not overwhelming the postal carrier that picks everything up. The challenge has been that we don’t have home addresses for everyone so, we’re still working on collecting those.

What would you like to tell the BookSpring audience? 

Well, since the thing I’ve been working on most recently is the Readathon, I want to say how impressed I am with all the kiddos hard work and time raising money and reading for us! And the art contest entries were so awesome – I enjoyed looking at each and every one. Overall, I want to say that contributing to BookSpring helps to gives kids choices so they can make their lives more full, more engaged with the world, and more joyful. That is so important. I hope you’ll consider a donation to BookSpring to help us continue to provide a wider life for all the kids in our community.

Parents, if your child participated in the Readathon but you have not received your prize package yet, please feel free to reach out to readathon@bookspring.org to check and make sure we have your address on file!

Meet the Staff: Suzanne MacGillivray
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Meet the Staff: Suzanne MacGillivray

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