We Love Our Volunteers

It’s National Volunteer Week!  We want to take this time to give a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of the volunteers who make BookSpring’s operations possible.  From curating books to read-aloud, BookSpring’s endeavors would not be possible without the help of the amazing people who put in their time and energy to support BookSpring’s mission: putting books into the hands of children who need them the most.

Why Volunteers are So Important 

Volunteers are the face of any non-profit organization.  They’re often the first point of interaction with the public, and the conduct and experience they bring to an event can make a difference in the community.  Volunteers help nonprofits bring people of diverse backgrounds together through facilitating projects that make a sustainable impact.

BookSpring’s deliveries to our partners wouldn’t be possible without our reliable delivery drivers, and it’s thanks to their contributions that children can have access to a steady supply of books at home.

The Benefits of Volunteering

Numerous studies have shown that volunteering has many personal benefits.  As volunteering helps people connect to one another and work toward common goals, donating time and energy to an organization can lead to improvements in mental and physical health.  Volunteers can also learn professional skills on the job that will help them in their careers.

Volunteers can also meet new people and expand their horizons by participating in different events in our community.  Nonprofits offer numerous personal and professional benefits for volunteers of all ages.  BookSpring in particular offers members of different generations the opportunity to connect meaningfully with one another through read-alouds that we’ve hosted in early childhood centers, schools, and now online!

Thank You to All Our Volunteers!

We’re so grateful to all the people who choose to donate their time with BookSpring.  BookSpring’s success in distributing books and engaging children in the power of reading is directly attributed to the heart and soul that our volunteers repeatedly demonstrate throughout all of our operations.

From the core group of Thursday volunteers to the newer sign-ups, BookSpring wants to genuinely thank its volunteers for their presence and service.  We greatly value your time and energy, and we hope to continue collaborating with you in our mission to build literacy and book ownership in the lives of children across Central Texas.  Currently, we have plenty of virtual volunteer opportunities available that are easy, fun, and allow BookSpring to continue facilitating connections through the power of reading – volunteers can find these opportunities here.

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We Love Our Volunteers
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We Love Our Volunteers

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