Meet the Staff: Shefali Tewari

This week the staff spotlight is on Shefali Tewari.  She has worked with non-profits for the past 25 years and consulted with various companies in finance and accounting.

What is your job at BookSpring? 

I am the Director of Finance and Operations at BookSpring.  I work on accounts, finance and the day to day operations and the functions that link all three. 

What do you like about your job at BookSpring? 

I enjoy wearing multiple hats where I get to work on the accounting functions, budgets and projections and being able to support the program staff to do the best that they can.  What I love about my work is being able to touch each and every person and aspect of the organization.  I feel like my job function provides the infrastructure and framework so that each person at BookSpring can work in an environment of stability.

 How has your job at BookSpring changed with the outbreak of Covid-19?

The Covid – 19 outbreak has heightened the level of uncertainty.  This has required me to work on different projections and scenarios as the situation is changing rapidly.  The organization has had to come up with creative solutions and providing ad hoc budgeting reports and revenue numbers has become key.  I am trying to support the organization in applying for available relief funds and boost the level of cost cutting as far as possible.

What would you like to tell the BookSpring audience? 

We are working hard to ensure that our target population is served as we are an essential human service and with the Shelter in Place the little ones that we primarily serve are feeling the isolation much more without their book friends.  We are going to make sure that they are taken care of!

Meet the Staff: Shefali Tewari
Shefali Tewari
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Meet the Staff: Shefali Tewari

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