Access Free Internet during COVID-19

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During the Covid-19 outbreak, BookSpring wants to make sure all families can easily access the internet. Online resources are vital sources for continuing childhood education during this period of self-quarantine. Many affiliated enterprises are swiftly updating accounts and web pages with new videos, e-books, and activity pages so that children can continue learning at home.

Consider the Following Methods:

Spectrum: Since March 16th, Spectrum has offered 60 days of free broadband and Wi-Fi access for households to students who do not already have a subscription with the company. All installation fees are waived at the time of sign-up. The speed of the internet connection is up to 100 megabytes-per-second, which is enough for streaming video, surfing the web, and checking email.

Round Rock Hotspots: 21 minutes from Austin, the city of Round Rock features an abundance of hotspots at both indoor and outdoor spaces, including the Play for All Abilities Park that accommodates children with special needs. A list of hotspots is available here. Both residents and visitors are able to access a free high-speed internet connection at these locations.

Xfinity: Click here on your phone or laptop to find a list of all the places that Xfinity offers free Wi-Fi in Austin (if viewing on your phone, click on the “Text View” tab after entering a zip code for an easy-to-read list). Check out the FAQ page for these Wi-Fi hotspots here. Xfinity is also giving its customers an extended deadline in order to pay a bill for its television, internet, and phone services.

There Are Many Ways to Access Free Internet in Austin, Texas.

Many internet companies are providing additional services for the public during the Covid-19 outbreak. Austin families have many options for accessing free and fast internet. Therefore, parents can ensure a smooth educational transition for their children as learning moves from the classroom into the virtual space for the foreseeable future.

Several internet providers are offering increased solutions for customers during the Covid-19 outbreak. For example, AT&T has committed to continuing the service of anyone unable to pay bills, and will be waiving fees associated with late payments. Comcast is essentially allowing customers unlimited data until May.

To find out if your internet provider is offering increased solutions for customers during the Covid-19 outbreak, click here. You can also view these company webpages for further reading.

Access Free Internet during COVID-19
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