Out of this Galaxy Reading List

Check out this out of this galaxy must read list! This list is sure to inspire children to explore the wonders of the universe. Parents and caregivers we recommend reading these books with your elementary age children.

Little Kids’ First Big Book of Space By Catherine Hughes and David Aguilar, Age Range: 4-8 

I am Neil Armstrong By Brad Meltzer, Age Range: 5-8 

Here We Are By Oliver Jeffers, Age Range: 3-7 

CatStronauts By Drew Brockington, Age Range: 7-10 

A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars By Seth Fishman, Age Range: 4-8

A Problematic Paradox By Eliot Sappingfield, Age Range: 10 and Up

Pluto’s Secret: An Icy World’s Take of Discovery By Margaret A. Weitekamp, with David DeVorkin, Age Range: 6 and Up 

Max Goes to Jupiter By Jeffrey Bennett, Nick Schneider and Erica Ellingson, Age Range: 7 and Up 

Margaret and the Moon By Dean Robbins, Age Range: 4-8 

Looking Up!: The Science of Stargazing By Rob Lloyd Jones, Age Range: 3 and up 

The Darkest Dark By Chris Hadfield, Age Range: 4-8 

Celebrate the SpaceX’s launch with a digital story time from space! Access videos here. 

Out of this Galaxy Reading List
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