Volunteer Spotlight: Amanda Shaver

BookSpring is comprised of passionate individuals with a strong connection to all things book or literacy related.

Amanda Shaver worked for BookSpring for little over six years. She shined the brightest as our former volunteer manager.

“I loved volunteer management because I got to see the very best of Austinites–I had the chance to pair people with various skills and a desire to give back with kids and projects standing to benefit most from those skills.  I loved the variety and seeing the best of our city every day,” she said.

Many of our volunteers recall their work with BookSpring fondly because of her. Generation SERVE Program Director Charlie Krause recalls, “Amanda was a pleasure to work with. Generation SERVE allows children of all ages the opportunity to serve the community, and Amanda saw the potential in our volunteers. Our families enjoyed seeing her at activities too – her cheerful and positive personality made the kids feel welcomed and excited to volunteer. ”

Now that she has stepped down from her role, Amanda has become one of our most esteemed volunteers. Check out our interview with her!

1.) Why did you choose to volunteer with BookSpring? 

I chose to volunteer with BookSpring because even though I don’t work there anymore, I still support the mission 100% and want to continue to be a part of it.  I also love that there are opportunities for me to continue to volunteer even after I had my baby. 

2.) Do you believe in the importance of books in the home?  

I absolutely believe in the importance of books in the home–if you were to look at my home, you’d probably find books in every room!  Books expand our brains AND our hearts!  My favorite thing about books is the way they can show us new perspectives and build empathy which is important for anyone at any age.

3.) Tell us about your favorite volunteer activity.  

My favorite volunteer activities are reading to preschool children and sorting books on Thursdays.

4.) What is your favorite children’s book?

I’m very partial to the Elephant and Piggie series by Mo Willems because they remind me of one of my favorite students I worked with for reading tutoring.  He was an ESL student working with me to improve his English reading.  When I introduced him to that series and we began buddy reading it together, he really discovered his love of reading.  He went from a reluctant reader to a kid brimming with excitement to read and bringing me new books in the series from the school library each time we met. 

Amanda remains an asset to BookSpring and an absolute delight to work with!

Volunteer Spotlight: Amanda Shaver
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Volunteer Spotlight: Amanda Shaver

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