Partner Spotlight: CommUnityCare North Central

It is never too early to share books with your baby. Reading to babies immerses them in sounds, rhythms, and rhymes building language and early literacy skills. Books are also a crucial bonding tool for caregivers and their newborns.

Through the Rx programs, we partner with healthcare providers to prescribe a book and a dose of reading together twice a day. Our healthcare partners are passionate about integrating literacy into their healthcare practices.

BookSpring has been working with CommUnityCare Clinics for over 15 years. Monthly they see about 1000 patients between the ages of 2 months and 5 years. Brenda Jaimes has worked at North Central for 9 and a half years as a Lead Pediatric Medical Assistant. She enjoys working with children. Brenda reflected on her observations over the years of the Rx program.

What was your favorite children’s book, and who was the author?

Brenda: No Matter What by Debi Gliori. Perfect children’s book.

What was it about this book that made it special to you?      

Brenda: I love this book because No Matter What mom will always love you.

What was the overall lesson or theme from the book?

Brenda: Overall lesson for the children in this story is a mothers love. “I’d always love you, no matter what.”

What would you say to a parent who says they don’t have time to read together with their child?

Brenda: Like Dr. Lama always says, “It takes 5 mins to read a book to your child.” We just need to make time! Five minutes is nothing.

“Parents are excited and most of the time start to read the books to their children while waiting for the doctor.” 

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Partner Spotlight: CommUnityCare North Central
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Partner Spotlight: CommUnityCare North Central

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