Building meaningful bonds through books

GO programs engaging caregivers and children through motivational activities in read alouds and book giveaways. 

This holiday season curl up with the family and some good books. Take turns reading pages aloud and pause to ask questions and discuss among one another characters, plot, and more.

Books serve as a tool for parents to use to teach and connect with their children. We recommend families read together twice a day. From a few pages of a good chapter book to recipes in a cooking book, incorporating reading in your everyday activities can enhance the experience and create meaningful memories.

The benefits on the cognitive and language development of a child introduced and regularly exposed to stories and books are astounding. Yet it is the bond developed through these shared moments that impresses upon a child the true joy found in books.

BookSpring recommends parents and children read a book together twice a day. Reading a few pages of an entertaining picture or chapter book can go a long way in establishing good lifelong reading habits and creating good memories to cherish for years to come.

Building meaningful bonds through books
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